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Hypertable is a tool to help individuals and teams manage data and collaborate.

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What is Hypertable?

Hypertable is a software tool to manage data and collaborate with colleagues.

Easily create and customise your own projects to solve your unique problems.

Dozens of free templates are available across a wide range of topics.

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Why use Hypertable?

  • Get a range of cloud software in one platform
    • From CRM to Inventory Management to Risk Assessments, Hypertable can do it all
    • Save money with Hypertable compared to using a range of separate tools
  • Stay in sync with colleagues with real-time collaboration
  • Easily update your Hypertable project as your requirements change
  • Dedicated cloud hosting and self-hosting options are available
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Support & Documentation

User guides are available for quickly getting started, and detailed documentation for all features is available for advanced users.

Developer documentation is also available to create custom automations and integrations.

When you need some extra help, support packages are available to quickly get you back on track.

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Dozens of built-in templates

Get started in minutes with one of our free templates

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No coding required

Create custom workflows with built-in tools, then supercharge them with custom code

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Realtime collaboration

Stay in sync with your colleagues and get more done

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Changes with your requirements

Update your Hypertable project to support your changing requirements

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Custom automations

Stay on top of key details with your own custom workflows

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Integrate with anything

Integrate with any third-party software with our powerful custom functions

Built with Hypertable

A showcase of systems built using Hypertable

AK Sportscars Logo

Production Management for AK Sportscars

Tracking customer relationships, orders, inventory, and production management.

AK Sportscars used a number of our project templates to build a system that fit their business requirements.

Key templates used:

Unity Logo

Unity Bug Tracker

Tracking development items and bugs in Unity projects

Collaboration with team members, synchronisation with Hypertable Cloud

Unity plugin to make use of custom widgets in the scene

Learn more:

Solutions Tailormade Logo

Estate Manager with Solutions Tailormade

In partnership with Solutions Tailormade, we developed an integrated solution to manage building maintenance for high-end multiple dwelling units.

A unified system was required to monitor building management systems, raise meaningful alerts, schedule maintenance, and track interactions with clients and residents.

Learn more:

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