Business plan built around a Kanban board. Allows different sections of the business plan to be assigned to different people to complete.


A Business Plan is a document that describes a business’s goals and objectives and describes the plan on how to achieve them. This template provides a structure for a business plan that can be adapted easily. The business plan is setup using a Kanban style view of the various business plan subject items. Each subject item can be assigned to team members to collaborate on completion of the plan.

Getting Started

Estimated time: 5-10 minutes


  • View the example Business Plan
  • Edit Business Plan section content
  • Edit and view Business Plan section assignments
  • Add or change business plan sections

View the example Business Plan

Select the Business Plan (Kanban) view

This will display a Kanban style view of the business plan organised into sections and subsections. Each subsection has a general guide description to aid in understanding what type of content is required.

The template is an example of the types of content that is normally associated with a business plan but the sections and subsections can easily be adapted to your specific needs.

Edit Business Plan section content

Click on any of the subsections in the Kanban view. This will open an edit view to change the content. Below is an overview of the content fields:

Name is the title of the subsection.

Description is the guide to what type of content should be completed.

Subsection Number is used to sort the Kanban subsection fields. Change the numeric value to rearrange the business plan subsections.

Section Content is the main body of your business plan subsection content. This field uses markdown to allow it to contain formatted text, images and links.

Note: The small icon in the top-right of the Section Content Field opens the markdown editor to allow easy formatting off the content.

Section Complete is used to indicate completion of sections.

Images are used to show graphics on the subsections in the Kanban view

Checklist Items allow you to create specific embedded 'To Do' or completion check items in each subsection. This is useful to manage completion of specific content within a subsection.

Edit and view Business Plan section assignments

Section Lead allows different subsections to be assigned to different people for completion. The selections are based on the users of the project.

Select the Section Leads view to see the Kanban organised by assigned lead. The subsections can be organised in this view by dragging and dropping between users.

Add or change Business Plan sections

The Business plan main sections are defined and organised in a separate view that is normally hidden. To view sections click on All Views in the Project Views list on the Left. Then click on [All Sections].

This will open a list view of the sections. The sections drive the Kanban View columns. These can be edited here and new sections can be added. Sections are organised from left to right on the Kanban view using the** Section Identifier**

Next Steps

  • Familiarise yourself with the Business Plan sections and subsections
  • Adapt the sections and subsections to match you specific requirements
  • Start creating your business plan
  • Learn more about Hypertable Kanban Views

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