Sometimes documents still need to be printed, even in this day and age. "Printing" to a PDF file can also be a useful way of exporting data in PDF format.


Printing Views

To print Views or export them in PDF format, a print preview mechanism is provided. To open the print preview for a selected View, either click More in the View settings bar then Print, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P.

Certain Views lend themselves more readily to printing than others. To preview what a printed version may look like, use the preview buttons:

  • - fill the browser's viewport
  • - restrict width to A4 landscape
  • - restrict width to A4 portrait

Additional options are available to customise the print:

  • No repeating table headers - do not repeat the header row of any tables in the View across Page boundaries. This can help if data tables are not being printed correctly
  • "Printed by" footer - add a footer at the bottom of the print stating the display name of the user who performed the print, and the timestamp when it occurred

Click Print to open the browser's print dialog. This can be used to precisely configure the exact layout of the printed page, using the page size, orientation, margin, and scale settings.

Printing Markdown Pages

If more control is required over the exact content and layout of a printed document, a Custom Function step is provided to print any given markdown string.

This can be used to print/export letters, work orders, confirmations, etc.

Here is a simple example of the usage of the usage of the H.printMarkdown() method:

// Build the markdown string to print
let markdownString = `
# A Heading

Some **text** with *formatting*!

markdownString += `
Printed at: ${new Date().toISOString()}

// Render the markdown and open the new document in the print preview

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