Workspaces contain Projects, and Members who can access those Projects. Projects cannot exist outside of a Workspace, but Users may be members of multiple Workspaces.


Workspaces & Billing

Workspaces are the unit of billing for Hypertable. Each Workspace has a monthly cost based on:

  • The number of Members of the Workspace
  • The number of Records in all the Projects in the Workspace
  • The amount of Attachment storage used by all the Projects in the Workspace

Every new Workspace has a 30 day free trial period.

For information about billing in Hypertable, please see Pricing.

My Workspaces Page

The main "home page" of Hypertable is the user's "Workspaces" page, available at This page lists all the Workspaces containing the current User as a Member.

Each Workspace also displays all the Projects that it contains. Open a Project by simply clicking the Project thumbnail.

A number of actions can be taken by Workspace Managers or Owners:

  • Create a new Workspaces by clicking the + Create Workspace button
  • Create a new Project in a Workspace by clicking the + Project button
  • Open the settings page for a Workspace by clicking the Settings button
  • Edit the Workspace name or description by clicking the button
  • Edit the Workspace members by clicking the button

Manage Workspaces

Open the settings page for a Workspace by clicking the Settings button on the Workspaces page. This page enables members with the Manager or Owner role to edit Workspace settings and billing information.

The Workspace can be deleted by clicking the Workspace Actions button. Every Project within the Workspace must be deleted first, and the Workspace's subscription must be cancelled (if the Workspace has an active subscription). This ensures that no data or subscriptions can be left over once a Workspace is deleted.

Workspace tab

View and edit this Workspace's name and description.

Edit the Workspace's name and description by clicking the Edit button.

Members tab

This tab lists all the current Members of the Workspace, and allows Managers and Owners to invite new members and edit the roles of existing members.

Add new members to the Workspace by typing their email address into the text area, then clicking the Invite Users button. If multiple users are invited at one, separate their email addresses with a comma. For example: ",, ...".

Edit the roles of existing members by selecting the new role in the dropdown box for the member in the table of current members. The user may need to refresh their page for all the changes to take effect.

Remove Workspace members by clicking the button for the member, then Remove User. The user will no longer be able to access the Workspace, or any of the Projects within the Workspace.

Projects tab

The Projects tab lists all the Projects within the Workspace.

A Project can be opened by clicking the Open button.

Billing tab

Billing settings for the Workspace can be viewed and editing in the Billing tab.

For Workspaces without an active subscription, a new subscription can be created by clicking the Create Subscription button, then completing the fields in the subscription management portal.

For Workspaces with an active subscription, the subscription can be viewed and cancelled by clicking the Manage Subscription button, then selecting the appropriate options in the subscription management portal.

The current number of Workspace members and usage of resources by the Workspace's Projects are displayed to determine an estimate of the Workspace's monthly cost, and to provide visibility into the amount of billable resources used by each Project.

Usage limits let Workspace Owners set limits for the number of Records and the amount of Attachment storage that can be used across all Projects within a Workspace to avoid unexpected bills.

Usage limits can be set for the Workspace by checking the Use Record Limit checkbox and/or the Use Storage Limit checkbox, setting the limit either in terms of the number of records or the amount of storage, then saving the settings by clicking the Update Workspace Limits button.

If usage limits are set for the Workspace, and the Workspace is at the limit, then members will not be able to use more of that billable resource (either creating new Records or uploading more Attachments) until either existing Records/Attachments are removed or the limit is increased.

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