6) Invite Collaborators and Edit Data Together in Real-Time

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Estimated time: 10-15 minutes


Add Users to Your Workspace

Many Users can be members of the same Workspace. All Members of a Workspace can view the Projects in the Workspace, and can all be given different permission levels to restrict advanced features.

  1. Open your list of Workspaces by clicking the Workspaces button at the top left of every page
  2. Either:
  • Click the Manage button on the right-hand side of the page to invite new Users using the Workspace Settings page, or:
  • Click the "Users" icon button next to the Workspace's name to invite new Users using the Workspace Members modal
  1. Enter the email addresses of new Users you would like to invite separated by commas (e.g. "fred@example.com, alice@example.com")
  2. Click Invite Users to invite the specified Users to the Workspace
  • If the Users already have Hypertable accounts, they will able to use the Workspace immediately
  • If the Users do not yet have Hypertable accounts, they will receive an invitation email inviting them to create an account

Set Roles for Users

Continuing from the previous step, either in the Workspace Settings Page in the Members tab or in the Manage Members modal, the current list of members of the current Workspace is displayed.

This list also displays each member's Role in the Workspace. Depending on the assigned Role, the User can perform certain actions in Projects in the Workspace:

  • Read only - open Projects and read Record values
  • Read & comment - as Read only, plus: add comments to Records
  • Edit records - as Read and comment, plus: edit Record values
  • Manage projects - as Edit records, plus: edit Project settings, including Views, Collections, Functions, etc.
  • Workspace owner - as Manage projects, plus: manage Workspace members, manage Workspace billing

To set a User's Role, simply select the new Role in the Role dropdown. The new Role will be applied.

View Realtime Edits

When edits are made to any Records, Views, Collections, or other parts of a Project, the edits are displayed to all Users currently viewing the Project in real-time.

To try this for yourself:

  1. With multiple Users, open the same Project (or open the Project in another browser tab if you are trying this on your own)
  2. Select the same View
  3. Edit a Field in the Record in one location, and watch it update elsewhere once it autosaves

Try editing View and Collection settings as well, and the edits will appear for all users once they have been saved.


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