8) Import Data from a CSV File

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Estimated time: 10-15 minutes


Configure a Collection for the Data

To import data from a CSV into Hypertable, the data is imported directly into a selected Collection. Therefore, the Collection receiving the data must be configured before the CSV can be imported.

  1. Create the Collection to receive the CSV data if it does not already exist (see this getting started guide for more information)
  2. Create the Fields required to store the data in the Collection if they do not already exist (see this getting started guide for more information)

Format the CSV for Importing

There are some requirements regarding the formatting of CSVs to be imported into Hypertable:

  • CSVs must have a "header row"
    • This is the first row in the file, and contains the "Names" of the columns in the file
    • These column names do not need to match the names of Collection Fields
  • Any blank rows are ignored, and do not create empty records
  • Certain Field types require the data to be formatted in a certain way. For a complete list, please see the Fields documentation

Import the CSV

  1. Click the Project settings button in the Project header to open the Project settings page
  2. Select the Collections tab
  3. Identify the Collection to receive the CSV data, click the "⋯" button, then click Import CSV data
  4. In the Import CSV into Collection modal, select the .csv file to import
  • Depending on your browser, this button maybe labelled "Choose File" or "Browse..." or something similar
  1. The column names from the CSV file are then displayed in the modal. Reorder the CSV columns using the "⠿" dragging handle to map the CSV columns to the correct Collection Fields
  2. Once the CSV columns are mapped to the correct Collection Fields, click Import to import the data from the CSV


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