Hypertable Projects contain data in Records and Attachments. Records and Attachments cannot exist without a Project. Projects are contained in Workspaces, and can be accessed by the Members of the Workspace.


Project Contents

Projects contain most of the other Hypertable primitives. Projects contain:

These can be viewed and edited in the Project Settings page.

Project Navigation

To open a Project from the Workspaces page, simple click on the Project thumbnail.

The Project page has three main components:

  • the Project header
  • the Project sidebar
  • the current View

Project Header

The Project header is always displayed across the top of the screen. The header provides a number of links and shortcuts to access various settings and other parts of the Project.

On the left-hand side, the "path" of the current Project within its Workspace is displayed, with a link back to the user's Workspaces page. To open another Project in the same Workspace, click the Project Name button. This displays a modal with links to the other Projects in the same Workspace.

The button collapses the Project sidebar. When the sidebar is collapsed, the button changes to , which expands the sidebar again.

On the right-hand side of the header, the Username button opens a menu containing the following buttons:

  • Account Settings - open User account settings
  • Device Settings - open settings for the current device
  • Log Out - log out of Hypertable

Click the Project button to open the Project settings page. This contains options to edit the current Project's name and description, as well as listing the contents of the Project, including Collections, Views, Custom Functions, etc.

Click the History button to open the Record Edit History modal. This lists recent edits made to Records during the current session. Refreshing the browser tab clears this list.

Project Sidebar

View the Project Sidebar page here.

The Project Sidebar enables Views in the Project to be easily opened. Simply click on a View in the Sidebar to open it.

Search for a View by name by entering a search term in the search box at the top of the Sidebar. Click the button to clear the search term and show all Views.

Create a new View by clicking the button in the Sidebar. See creating views for more information.

Edit the Views displayed in the Sidebar by clicking the button in the Sidebar. This will open a modal in which the tree of Views in the Sidebar can be edited.

Current View

The main portion of the Project page is used to display the current View. See the Views page for information about each type of View.

Only one View can be displayed at a time. The Project Settings page is also displayed in this area.

Project Settings

The Project Settings page displays the complete contents of the Project, and provides options to edit each element.

To open the Project Settings page, click the Project button at the right-hand end of the Project Header. View the elements contained in the Project using the tabs, and edit each element using the relevant controls.

Edit Project Information

To edit the Project's information, including the name and description, open the Project Settings page, then select the Project tab. This tab displays the current values of the Project information fields. Click Edit Project Info to open a modal where the information can be edited.

Creating Projects

Create a new Project from the Workspaces page. Click the Project button, then choose one of the displayed options:

  • From Template - select a Project template to use as a blueprint for the new Project
  • Upload Template File - upload a Project template file to use as a blueprint for the new Project
  • New Empty Project - create a new empty Project to configure all the Project settings from scratch

Deleting Projects

In the Project Settings page, click the Project Actions button, then Delete Project. Confirm deletion of the Project by typing the name of the Project into the confirmation modal.

Deleting a Project cannot be undone! The entire contents of the Project will be permanently deleted!

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