7) Configure a New Empty Project

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Estimated time: 10-15 minutes


Create an Empty Project

  1. Open your list of Workspaces by clicking the Workspaces button at the top left of every page.
  2. Click the + Project button, then Create Empty Project
  3. Enter the Name of the new Project, and optionally customise the Project's Colour, Icon, and Description
  4. Click Create Project

The new Project is created and opened.

Create a Collection

Once the new Project is created, you need to add a Collection to store your data.

  1. Click the Project settings button at the right-hand end of the Project header
  2. Select the Collections tab
  3. Click the + Create Collection button, then Create new collection
  4. Enter the Name for the new Collection. By convention, this should be a plural noun, for example "Customers", "To Do Items", "Orders", etc.
  5. Optionally add a Description describing what the Collection contains, or what its purpose is. For example, "Orders received from customers", "Orders out to suppliers", etc.

Add Fields to the Collection

Once you have created the new Collection, you can configure the Collection's Fields and other settings.

  1. Click Edit in the list of Collections
  2. Select the Collection Info tab to edit the Collection's Name, Description, Icon and Colour
  • You can also edit the Collection's Title Field (see more information here) and optionally select a Default Collection View and Default Record View, though these dropdown are currently empty as the Project does not yet contain any Views.
  1. Select the Fields tab to view the list of Fields in the Collection. New Collections have Name and Description Fields to get started, though these can be deleted if they are not required.
  2. Add the new Fields required to store your data:
  • Click + Add Field to add another Field
  • Enter the Name of the new Field
  • Select the Type of the new Field
  • Optionally enter a Description, and edit any available Type Settings to configure the functionality of the new Field
  • Click Update to save the edits to the new Field
  1. Once all the Fields are created, click Save & Close to save the changes to the Collection. (You can always edit the Fields later)

Create a View

Now that the Project has a new Collection to store your data, you need a View to interact with the Collection.

  1. Click the + button in the Project Sidebar
  2. Select Collection as the View type, then choose a kind of Collection View
  3. Customise any other settings. For more information, see the Create a New View getting started guide
  4. Click Create View
  5. If you wish to further configure the new View, edit the View's settings as explained in the Create a New View getting started guide


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